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Please, stop asking for resume….

Are you not fed up, not to say just bored, about asking for resume ?

Are you not just totally exhausted at the simple idea to have to study and read hundreds of them ?  Knowing, from the beginning, that it will just be a listing of standardised actions, name dropping on companies and exhibitions of diplomas from, let’s hope for the candidate, prestigious universities or international business schools.

I’ve never seen anything as discrimative as a resume. And as poor….

No human sign. No possibility to introduce yourself, to present your achievements and failures, to explain the reasons why you did this or that. Not a line to describe who you really are and what are your drivers and convictions !

Just a sheet of paper. As short as possible (as if a life could be summed up in one page ! ). Just words and possibly figures (it is damned so important to show up the positive actions you had on your job by showing the increase on sales, on satisfaction, on i do not know what !  Invent !).

And com’on, some cheat…. Extending a mission, inventing a title, a job, a result. No one is to blame. The system is like that. If people are chosen on a piece of paper, no one can blame them to make it as sexy as possible and to sometimes modify and beautify the reality. The system is perverse. And discriminative, untrue and sometimes boring so why using it ?

Choosing people on a resume is just outdated. And more and more inefficient and inadaptated to new jobs and functions We know that more than 50 % of the jobs that will make us live in 25 years do not exist so how can a resume allow to know that you are a good match for it ? A resume gives you a  superficial idea about the human being you’re dealing with and knowing all the hidden and unwritten things is getting more and more important.

If i have to hire you, i am interested in what you are NOW. At present ! And especially what does thrive you to apply for this particular job.

Now, next to the hard skills that can be proved and checked, we are more and more interested about the soft skills. The one that shows who you are. Your empathy, your communication skills, your ability to listen, innovate, create, solve, lead…. All these qualities that cannot be verified except through experience and self presentation.

And what about the mad skills. The ones that you would have carefully hide because they made you different from the majority. Today, they become an asset ! How different are you from the collective ? How did you stand out ? These disruptive qualities are the ones that enable people to adapt and move in such a fast changing economy and business models.

Today in that era of competitiviness, we think fast, we move fast, we change fast. So it becomes smarter to look maybe for someone “different” but who will show more attachement to the firm and more creativity into his daily job !

So how to detect these skills if the cannot appear in a resume…

Let’s try to be creative and to have fun ! We could ask for

  1. Short Video presentation

  2. Social Networks use : like snaps r

  3. Funny and original questionnaire set up by the recruiter that can allow to see how the individual is gonna fit into the “tribe”

  4. Tests (Gallup…)

  5. Exerts about what you’re proud of….

  6. Detailed cover letters

  7. and so on

  8. collective and volunteer teams that would help meeting and pre-select candidates

This article is not meant to be a solution but a call.

Let’s forget about resume.


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