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I am a Digital Hippie :-)

And so proud to be !

Yeah ! Caus’ i feel i can reconcile naive and happiness dreams with efficiency, productivity and success. Why not being a hippie in a digital and tech world. World that I love cause it never is where it is expected to be.

Millenials have changed the rules. As Joel de Rosnay said, they are not looking anymore for a job. They are a looking for a role. I’ve been lucky enough to meet and work with many of them, very often quite gifted, talented and ultra smart. But i’ve been totally amazed to see that they do not really care about prestige, money, benefits and comps. Eventhoug it matters. Of course. But this is not what they are looking for… And thanks to them, i began to think about who i was myself, and about what i wanted….

Sure, i know that i was in contact with an ultra priviledged circle of them but nevertheless, their way of thinking is brand new for a girl like me. The digital natives do not seen the world the way i used to.

Today, the tech world is the fastest thinking, changing, creating…. everything. If you want to do something, to create something, to generate revenue, you’d better look at it and direct to it. To be in the digital world, that means being where it happens, with people who make it happen…. Just think about Google, Elon Musk, ecc…. working on immortality, or travelling to Mars !

To be a hippie, means to be a dreamer , to favour peaceful theories about mind and spiritual well-being, to gather quietly with your friends, children and animals and to observe the present moment without caring about the future and material things. Sorry for being a bit exaggerating but you get the idea….

So let’s figure out what could be a digital hippie !

Well, it could be a professionnal dreamer. It could be someone with recognized professional qualifications and achievements that would use his knowledge, experience, failures and successes to help building a better world. Now. Not in the future. It is someone who brings back a bit of humanity in a very competitive, sometimes harsh and violent environment. Someone that encourages others to slow down, to take time, to look at things differently.

A digital hippie loves the worlds is in, the people he works with, the excitment he gets at every new projects but he knows as well that it is not the point. The final goal. No, he knows that it is a just a way, a mean, and that he is very lucky to be part of it.

He knows that above all, what matters is what is inside you. Your values. Your hopes. Your kindness.

I am proud to be a digital hippie ! Today it makes sense but for many years people looked at me strangely, not understanding my yoga and meditation practices, my quest for spirituality and my simultaneous interest in tech and in business. Even myself, to be honnest , wandered a little bit in that apparent contradiction.

But this is not one. On the contrary, i feel today totally harmonious and aligned and my wish is to show and tell people that they can be everything, even what seems to be radically different, and to use my knowldege of business to spread wonderful hippie ideas.

Good vibes only


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