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CHO Loneliness

Today, i want to share my disappointment about my new will to be a CHO. Have you ever felt extatic about a something you realise deeply, like a connection that suddenly arises into your soul, mind and body about something you want to do. Like a search you have for ages and that suddenly comes to a point where it all makes sense. For me it happened very recently. Like a few days ago. Professionaly speaking, i have never felt i was in the right place, the right spot, especially the right job, where i was aimed to be. I have always been looking for a ‘Mission’, where all my talents (even if very simple) could be used and hopefully magnified. Where all my skills (professional and personal), my dreams and my interests would merge to serve one function. And miracle ! That happened ! The light came in : i would be a Chief Happiness Officer (which i believe i already am but this another story). But then, and this is where the disappointment arises, you announce and proclaim your intention. And you face it with the market. I am not talking about your inner circle made of family, good friends and relatives. No, i am talking about the market. Corporations, firms and especially organisations made to help job seekers to find a job and why not achieve their dreams ! And then, begin the long tail of negative impressions and warnings. All supposed to be meant to help you but finally all made to diminish your ambitions, limit yourself and raise all the obstacles that you will encounter. In short, discourage you. Of course, you know them all. You are not stupid and it is not because you’re enthusiastic that you have no sense of reality. But com’on, what about helping someone to gather his thoughts, strengths, to show him the positive sides, giving him ideas, tips, connections.

Yes. The CHO is a rising job, not very well know and not spread yet ! And then ? Better ! That makes more opportunities.

Yes. No idea about how much a CHO earns. Yes again ! And then ? Did the creators began anything making bet on how much they would earn. They were just driven by passion.

Yes. I did not do it before and there is no degree in happiness. And so ? Don’t you think that 25 years of experience in big international firms gives you a little bit of qualified experience in what makes people happy or not ? So, yes, it is a lonely road, that i never took before, but i believe this is the one.

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