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Chief People & Inspiration Officer Job Desc

Job Purpose :

  1. build an environment where people are excited about their jobs and make progress

  2. strategic vision and sign-off for all HR functions

  3. support & implement the Digital transformation program

Hierarchical ladder :

  1. C level

  2. Board member

  3. Reports to the CEO

Missions :

  1. responsible for company’s staff (how it creates a working and digital environment in which employees can thrive),

  2. responsible for a contemporary culture (values, ethics, mission),

  3. creates a sense of engagement, emotional connection, loyalty to the company,

  4. create happiness in order to make employees more productive, loyal, and motivated to collectively achieve the business’s goals

Responsibilities / Areas of expertise and actions with an happiness-oriented approach :

  1. talent acquisition / recruitment

  2. onboarding

  3. career planning

  4. performance management & feedback

  5. managers support programs

  6. engagement & recognition

  7. benefits & comps

  8. diversity in management

  9. philanthropy programs for the company

  10. flexible time management

  11. off-boarding & retirement

  12. diagnosing the emotional wellbeing and leading workshops

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