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2017 Thank you

Terrible exercise that the one of the 1st january. The one that you know you will have to do in the morning or in the next ten days. The one that very often you just feel obliged to do but that you never truly feel.

Well, drop it. I did and i immediatley felt into my heart such a gratitude feeling that i wanted to shout it to the world. So here is my message to you my  readers

“Dear Friends, Readers, Colleagues, Haters & Others, I would like to thank you all very very very much for your presence / absence / words / laughs or tears through  this year.

This has been an incredible personal year and i am so grateful to all of you for everything you gave to me that you may not even realise…

All of this is by far the most important.

Let’s create a fabulous year

Lots of love


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