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Elise Taub 
International Executive Coaching

Individual and Team Coach - Sparring Partner - Mentoring - Teacher - Speaker

About me: Bienvenue
Wheat Field

I have a solid, strategic and business focused track record in managing international and cross functional teams, with a strong and recognised leadership and a very human oriented approach.

As an executive and personal development coach, my goal is to unlock potential and possibilities. To enlighten and arise consciousness. I use multiple professional tools from systemic to NLP but my goal is to help you diving into your strenghts and to use your intuition to be a 4.0 exec. 

I have an MD as well as an extensive business expertise. This combination enables me to understand my client at a deep level while simultaneously focusing on the business imperatives that drive his/her behavior. A large part of my performance coaching is about managing energy — teaching leaders to utilize their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy for maximum stamina and effectiveness.

Performance coaching can have a tremendous effect on people, team and corporate results.

I help leaders to regain their mojo, using both physical and mental tactics, and listening to your inner voice.

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Wheat Field

« Ne demeure pas dans le passé, ne rêve pas du futur, concentre ton esprit sur le moment présent »


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